Our Church

The Presbyterian Church of Africa (P.C.A) was formed by the late Rev Pambani Jeremiah (P.J) Mzimba on the 27th of December 1898 at Sheshegu location in Alice after leaving the Free Church of Scotland.

Rhadebe (his clan name) was originally from the Transkei and was part of the amaHlubi tribe that was also known as amaMfengu (The Wanderers) and he was the son of the late Ntibane and Madlomo (Miss Dube) Mzimba. He was born at Ngqakayi (Fort Wilshire) near Hogsburg in the  area of the Eastern Cape in April 1850. Rev P.J. Mzimba got his education from Lovedale institution in Alice and he taught Biblical studies at the same institution and ministered at Lovedale congregation. 

Rev Mzimba and First Elders

Rev P.J. Mzimba married Martha Kwatsha who became an influential partner in his ministry and she was always on his side throughout his ministry.

He left the Free Church of Scotland after serving the denomination for a period of twenty two years after a dispute about the money that he raised for the building of a new church for his congregation. Read more...

Our gallery dedicated to our heritage

The gallery below contains photos of our men and women, as well as historical, geographical sites that made significant contribution in shaping our heritage and our current status.

  1. Our Heritage Gallery